Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Ertl (peter.ertl@tuwien.ac.at)

Dr. Peter Ertl is full Professor for Lab-on-a-Chip Systems for Bioscience Technologies at the Faculty of Technical Chemistry of TUW and heads the Lab-on-a-Chip research group (www.cellchipgroup.com) and has over 20 years expertise in the development of biosensors, microfluidic devices and micro-Total Analysis Systems (μTAS) for biomedical research. Prof. Ertl will supervise the Twinning activities, teach short courses on microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip technologies as well as mentoring prospective exchange students.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research
and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952259.

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