Our team member Mirjana Mundzic actively participated in a three-day virtual workshop titled “Designing Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Therapy”,  organized by NSTC (Nano Science & Technology Consortium) from India. 

The workshop covered a range of essential topics aimed at advancing the understanding of nanoparticle applications in cancer treatment. Sessions included an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of nanoparticles, their unique properties, and their potential for targeted cancer therapy. Attendees delved into cancer biology basics to gain insights into the biology of cancer cells and its significance in crafting precise therapeutic strategies. Also, different methodologies for tailoring nanoparticles to specific cancer types and tumor microenvironments were discussed. Participants were engaged in insightful discussions on targeting mechanisms, exploring ligands and surface modifications that facilitate enhanced precision in targeting cancer cells. Nanoparticle imaging and tracking techniques were explored for their ability to visualize and monitor nanoparticles in vivo during cancer treatment. 

Moreover, the workshop addressed the critical subject of nanotoxicology and safety considerations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the safety and potential toxicity concerns associated with nanoparticle-based therapies.