Maša Mimica (

Maša Mimica works as a Project Manager at BioSense Institute, covering two equally important fields – H2020 financial management and project management of cascade funding projects. She has extensive experience in financial reporting at the project level, portfolio of 18M€ with a proven track-record in planning, reporting and analysis of business needs and other financial aspects of the Institute. Maša as part of the Center for Innovation and Business Development collaborates with other cross-finance teams in driving strategic decisions and ongoing operations. In parallel, Maša acts as a Project Manager for cascade funded sub-projects, previously in FP7 and now in H2020 programme. Thus, she has vast experience in tailor-made innovation and acceleration activities, which led to market positioning and expansion of more than 300 SMEs, cross-cutting IT and agricultural sectors. Maša has a strong background in multinational environments, where working with different stakeholders across the board in various industries, contributed to the development of her business and interpersonal skills.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research
and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952259.

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